Zenith – Sunbed Rental

Ideal for established businesses, with a lower monthly rental and with the option to buy the sunbed at a future time.

  • A fixed monthly payment
  • No hidden extras
  • Minimum 12 month agreement
  • Fully maintained and warrantied
  • From £45.00 per week + VAT or £6.40 per day + VAT



Zenith Sunbed To Rent

The Sunquest Zenith lie-down sun beds are a great addition to any tanning salon.

Perfect for tanning shops, beauty salons and gyms.

Ergonomically designed for superb tanning performance and offer an amazingly broad reclining surface.

Durable, coated steel construction, enveloped in moulded, metallic high finish, acrylic that retains its finish in everyday salon life.

The Zenith lie-down sunbeds – blend strength and durability, with style and customer appeal.

Designed to complement the Aurora Vertical tanning units.

State-of-the-art cooling system (8 powerful fans) and body breeze fan ensuring optimal running temperatures of tubes for shorter tanning times.


All our sunbeds are supplied with 0.3 W/m2 lamps to ensure maximum tanning capability and meet with all UK and EU regulations. 0.3 W/m2 is the amount of UV exposure that the EU’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) set as the limit for effective irradiance. This limit was then added to the European and British standards relevant for sunbeds under BS EN 60335-2-27:2010. A sunbed with a UV output above this level is deemed as ‘unsafe’.

Blue Infinity lamps and Collatan Twist lamps with red light therapy / UV  225/250 watt 0.3 W/m2  are options, at a nominal extra cost per unit. Call us for more info.

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