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Sunqest Profit Share LLP t/a Sunbed Rental Company aims to deliver the highest quality in any equipment, parts, service and lamps at value for money prices. We may not always be the cheapest, but we will be the BEST value for money.

Our sunbeds are reliable, hard working machines that deliver a quality tan everyday.  As a salon owner, you need reliability and for the sunbed to be earning income for you. We understand that and you are our top priority.

We are professional in the way we work and it is our aim to provide the quality of workmanship and service that meets or exceeds the level of satisfaction our customers expect. We see customers as long term partners and not just a one off sale, supporting you throughout. Both our clients and suppliers are important to our future and a mutually beneficial relationship is built on partnership and trust.

Our engineers have over 15 years experience in tanning equipment and all of them are committed to this professional, high quality service.

Sunbed safety

We are committed to the safe operation of your commercial sun beds, to ensure safe and healthy use by your customers and to protect your reputation as an operator.

As part of our commitment to improving the safety and reputation of our sun bed operators and the industry as a whole, we subscribe to the high standards of The Sun Bed Code – The Code of Practice of The Sunbed Association. This covers all tanning beds and sun beds in UK.

Before you receive your sun bed, a comprehensive service and check is carried out. Once installed we will give you all the information, assistance and engineer back up you need to maintain safe operational standards.

We are long term members of The Sunbed Association and recommend you join asap. TSA membership benefits are shown here.

Environmental and waste disposal

We are conscious of any manufacturing effect on the environment and take all reasonable steps to minimize this effect. We ensure we comply with any regulations and codes of practice and raising awareness with our employees by encouraging best practice.

We aim to have zero waste to landfill by recycling all waste.

Lamp Recycling

WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, a term that covers a wide range of equipment which all contains important materials that can be recycled. Sunbed lamps are included in this group. The price of recycling your lamps is now included in when ordering new lamps. This is required by law and means you can then take these lamps to a recycling center to be disposed of safely and within the regulations.

Alternatively we can collect them on a re-tube and dispose of them in line with the WEEE regulations.

Professionalism + Honesty + Expertise =  QUALITY.

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